Origins of NÜO About Us Debuting in 2006, the NÜO Flexbells was awarded the title - “World’s Most Intelligent Dumbbell”. With the unique feature as an adjustable dumbbell, the NÜO Flexbells saves space while maintaining the functionality of conventional dumbbells. Prior to its introduction, the NÜO Flexbells was very well received by gyms onboard European superyachts, as well as residentials and interior designing industry. NÜO Flexbells is the perfect solution to weight preference and limited space.

Since the start of development, the NÜO team continues to improve design concepts. The engineering and design skills of the team has won many international praises over the years, yet they still strive to develop better and more innovative fitness solutions that are acceptable by consumers; ensuring a continuous production line that is current and enhanced.
NÜO is the brainchild of Tomas Svenberg, a former member of the Swedish national rowing team. Due to the long and cold winter in Northen Europe, Tomas was required to complete his daily training indoors. During that time, the gyms around were not up to the training standards he required for his vigorous training regimen. As a structural engineer, Tomas realized what was lacking in the market and decided to design his own range of equipment.

In 1997, the first concept was Omnigym, a multifunctional fitness equipment cabinet that was subsequently launched in 2001. It proved to be a popular demand in the high-end retail market.
Breaking the
limits of fitness